Karmel Women’s Care™ is committed to making continued progress toward ensuring that our Website is accessible to individuals with disabilities and, to the best of our ability, making continued progress in order to maintain w3 standards.

Karmel Women’s Care™ is committed to facilitating the accessibility and usability of the our Website for all people with disabilities. We perform tests on existing portions of our Website to identify usability issues and otherwise make continued progress to improve accessibility of our Website.

This Web Accessibility Policy (the “Policy”) indicates that we have undertaken, and continue to undertake, reasonable efforts to ensure that the applicable pages on all of the Website meets the standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at at least the minimal accepted level of the WCAG. This Policy is linked to on the Website’s web pages.

We are committed to improving any areas of the our Website that may not comply with acceptable levels of accessibility and welcome any feedback or recommendations to help us continue to progress forward as technology and standards evolve along side of our website and web properties. If a visitor to our Website determines that a web page does not meet the goals and standards set forth in this Policy, with notification, we will promptly undertake reasonable efforts to conform such web page, or provide a reasonable alternative.

Please direct any questions regarding this Policy or any concerns regarding the accessibility of a web page on this Website by contacting us by phone or mail. You can find our address and phone number on our contact page and at the foot of all pages of this Website.