Preconception Planning

Preconception planning

Having a baby is an important decision that some people often take time to make. Getting pregnant does not start at conception; it starts from the moment you conceive the idea to have a baby. Though a pregnancy journey can be fun and rewarding when you finally get to meet your little one, you must get your body ready for all the phases that will come with conception.

To give your body a full shot at a relatively stress-free pregnancy, schedule a preconception planning appointment with your doctor when you finally want to get pregnant. Preconception planning is vital to women with unique concerns, chronic health issues, or in their 30’s and 40’s.

Preconception planning can help you with insights as to what care you require such as:

  • Dosage and types of supplements that may benefit mother and baby
  • Making sure your pap smear is normal
  • How to optimize health before pregnancy such as smoking cessation, weight gain or weight loss, changing eating habits infection
  • Management of other medical issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune disorders etc.